“Deirdre is a sensitive and brilliant clinician who uses her knowledge to transform your body into an integrated and centered state” is how Deidre is described by one of her patients. Here is what others have had to say about her Osteopathy, craniosacral and physical therapy techniques.

  • JD, Photographer

    "Deirdre has literally changed my life! From fearful to fearless! As an ex-college athlete who played sports ever since I can remember, I have certainly given my 51 year old body a workout. I was dealing with chronic pain from herniated lower back and neck discs, and pretty much all my joints – knees and shoulders, and most recently a badly sprained ankle. Ick. Then Deirdre stepped in and through her unyielding support and calm and thorough guidance, she taught me how to be smart. Now I know how to exercise in a way that helps my body, not hurts it".

  • JW, Clinical Psychologist

    "Deirdre helped me get my life back. When I met Deirdre, I had been searching for relief following a car accident 3 years earlier that had damaged my hip and caused extensive misalignment. As a runner, I was desperate for help!
    Deirdre provided near immediate pain relief and alignment correction. She quickly started teaching me to strengthen areas that had become weak after several years of misalignment. She gently worked with me up to and following surgery to repair the mechanical problem in my hip. She also helped me manage my anxiety about re-injury, and gently nudged me onward to return to exercising. It took a while, but I got back to running marathons and full work outs.
    Deirdre’s gentle manner immediately puts patients at ease. She provides detailed exercises, endless coaching and constant support, and she gives patients tools to become self-sufficient. I can confidently recommend Deirdre as a solid, reliable, and caring physical therapist".

  • JG

    Deirdre Finn possesses a unique combination of professional skills – both cranisacral/Osteopathic and physical therapy. After having been to a number of physical therapists and tried various kinds of exercise to help with a chronic back problem, I believe Deirdre’s craniosacral work has made all the difference. In addition to her incredible professional skill, Deirdre is patient, caring, and a joy to work with.

  • VM Filmmaker

    “Deirdre is a sensitive and brilliant clinician who uses her knowledge to transform your body into an integrated and centered state. She interweaves Osteopathy, craniosacral and physical therapy techniques in ways that are indescribable. Her capacity for touching you and knowing what to do is profound. I have sent family and friends to her all of whom feel equally fortunate and have been wowed by Deirdre’s work. She works magic! ”