Evaluation: (more)

    • In depth hands on evaluation (osteopathically based), includes evaluation of soft tissues, joints, craniosacral system.
    • Thorough musculoskeletal evaluation (orthopedically based) includes evaluation of alignment, strength, flexibility and functional movement patterns.

Craniosacral Therapy: gentle hands on work especially good for the nervous system. (more)

Myofascial Release: release restrictions in the soft tissues.

Viseral Manipulation: gentle hands on treatment of the fascia (connective tissue) around internal organs.

Joint Mobilization: restore range of motion to the joints.

Customized Exercise Programs: designed for you with your goals in mind.

Ergonomic Work Analysis: improve your computer set-up and work station – the source of many problems.

Sports Specific Training: safe and guided return to high level sports and activities.

Balance and Gait training: increase confidence and improve ease of movement.

Injury Prevention Screening: identify imbalances before they become symptomatic (more)