Injury Prevention Therapy

A screening can help prevent injuries by addressing imbalances that are not symptomatic.

No one is in perfect condition. We all have imbalances- in flexibility, strength, or alignment. Most of the time our bodies can adjust to these imbalances so that we don’t have any symptoms. We may, however, have less speed, power or ease of movement.

Sometimes the load on our bodies is too great for the body to adjust to. This could be either from an accumulation of imbalances, or from increased demands on the body, such as sports, travel, or prolonged sitting. Then the body cannot compensate, and symptoms develop.

In 1-2 sessions these imbalances can be identified, and corrective measures started; usually specific stretching or strengthening exercises, as well as postural and ergonomic corrections.

Why do we have these imbalances? The body is not symmetrical. We have one dominant side which we use more. Our daily activities tend to overuse and shorten the muscles in the front of the body. Stress and tension also lead to imbalanced ways of using our bodies.

The most efficient way to take care of imbalances is before they bother you.
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