Evaluation is the most important skill in any medical profession. The heart of evaluation is finding the source or root of the problem(s), which can be located far from the symptoms.

Problems often travel up the body, so that an alignment problem in the foot, for example, can cause the knee and hip to to rotate inward, leading to stress in the pelvis and low back pain.

Or they can travel down. A stiff joint in the neck near the base of the skull can cause the person to tilt their heard to one side. In order to see straight, the person bends their torso to the opposite side, and develops rib pain.

Once the main cause or causes are identified, treatment usually proceeds along smoothly.

An evaluation session can be used as a good preventative tool.

Most people have some imbalances which have not reached the point where they are causing symptoms. The imbalances can be identified and corrected much more easily and quickly when pain is not an issue. This is usually done through performing a few corrective exercises specific to the imbalance. An ounce of prevention…
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